The ultimate destination for luxury designer footwear & accessories

Larizia is a digital destination and a resource for our global, fashion-obsessed audience to discover must-have collections and brands via our unique and edited product offering. Our commitment to footwear & accessories sets us apart and offers customers the best shoes and bags, in one place.

Established as a boutique independent retailer in 1988 in St John’s Wood, London, Larizia quickly became a fashion insider's favourite destination to explore timeless classic brands and niche, new design talent.

We maintain this pioneering spirit and commitment to inspire our customers’ fashion choices, while encouraging a journey of discovery via engaging content, storytelling, and curated product edits.

Larizia - Luxury Retail Group

Larizia is an integral part of the Luxury Retail Group, who manages the acquisition and development of British fashion retail brands, as well as the ongoing growth of its existing portfolio and network of luxury retail brands.

Larizia was the first acquisition by the management team in 2020. Established as an independent retailer in 1988, Larizia quickly became known as the fashion insider's favourite London boutique destination, encouraging a journey of discovery of the latest designer footwear and accessories via its unique product offering.

Today with the support of The Luxury Retail Group, Larizia is an exclusively digital destination catering to a global fashion-centric audience, our commitment to footwear, accessories, wellness, and beauty sets us apart, offering customers the perfectly curated product offering in one place.