One of the last independent global fashion brands in the world, Vivienne Westwood uses their luxury brand status to raise understanding and advocate for a better environment. Our collection of Vivienne Westwood Bags highlights the dedication the label showcases through their artful inspirational silhouettes, thought provoking designs and neoclassic creations. 

Regarded for their broad allowances in personal style and self expression, our Vivienne Westwood Bags are the entry-way to luxury and glamour in an earth-friendly manner. Be it a fashion accessory or a personal statement, the VW orb logo on each bag symbolises the dedication and hard work required to produce the luxurious masterpieces on display here. From quirky multi-coloured cross-body bags to  delightful heart shaped colourblock designs, and intricately detailed metallic clutches, we know a Vivienne Westwood bag will upgrade your expanding couture and inspire new fashion horizons.

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