A fuss-free design and one bathing in Italian luxury, our line of Versace Crossbody Bags  fuses functionality and maximalist aesthetics for the perfect fashion companion. Think lavish evening dinner parties and elegant afternoon brunches, an eclectic blend of bold silhouettes and elegant gold touches for a classy accessory. 

The label’s devotion to premium quality drives you to find only the most luxurious of leathers across the collection. You’ll discover Versace’s fascination for Greek mythology translating into the iconic Medusa emblem across a versatile range of silhouettes from classic hobos to sophisticated camera bags. You won’t miss the brand’s distinctive baroque detailing littered in gold accents including shoulder chains, zip features and trendy belt buckles. Indulge in our collection of Versace Cross Body Bags, and sling a choice across your ensemble in an immediate and effortless vamped-up look.

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