What inspired the launch of GLAS? And, how did your ideas come to fruition?

It was on a sunny day back in 2018 that my mother came from Luleå, the small city in Northern Sweden where I grew up and she still lives, to visit me in Stockholm. We met up for a coffee at her hotel and we happened to get  chatting about what we have around us that are just essential things, but that people have made beautiful. I was in a mindset where I was looking for beautiful things everywhere. 

She placed her reading glasses on the table, almost looking ashamed of them. I asked her why they did not match her personality and style, to which she answered she had never found any that did. Fashionable reading glasses were very difficult to find, as regular reading glasses found at pharmacies and petrol stations were created with  little attention to detail, design or quality, and lacked a unique sense of style.

I thought - this is an everyday essential that has been neglected and forgotten, so why don't we create reading glasses that are actually beautiful? My mum has always been a good role model in the way that she always tried to enhance her everyday life and style. That same year, GLAS was born, with the aim to ​​make reading glasses into a fashion statement, and turn an everyday essential item into something beautiful.

Your optical wardrobe is very important and stylish frames are always a welcome addition to any outfit. Where do you get your ideas from, design-wise?

From a young age, my mum taught me to enjoy the simple things in life. I spent a lot of my childhood in our cottage in Arvidsjaur, Northern Sweden, where we barely had electricity and certainly no running water. When you remove the comforts you have in your everyday life, you start appreciating the beauty in the little things – the sky, the snow, even freshly baked bread.

Now that I have a ten month old daughter, we sit down and just look at something mundane, like a fork or a flower. Everything is so beautiful for her. She sees them for the first time, and I do too! And that's the way I grew up. I think I have it with me in my backbone, to really stop and be inspired by the beauty in everyday things. 

This mentality has remained as our team at GLAS has grown, and I can still see it in every model we design - from the first frames I designed together with my mum back in 2018 to our newest collections and releases.

As well as reading glasses, Larizia also stocks blue light glasses. What is blue light and why are they a key accessory for the digitally savvy?

Any digital device with a visual screen emits artificial blue light that can be harmful with prolonged exposure. Our eyes have a difficulty focusing on this high-energy light and we can experience symptoms like headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes and sleep deprivation, called Computer Vision Syndrome, as a result.

If you use a computer or phone for more than two hours per day, as most of us do, you are at risk of experiencing symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Blue light lenses help reduce this risk, blocking harmful light from your screens and lessening eye fatigue whilst providing reading power. If you spend significant amounts of time in front of digital devices, a pair of blue light glasses is key.

Everyone at Larizia is super excited to be your first UK stockist and can’t wait to continue working with you. What can we look forward to seeing from GLAS in the future?

I’m really excited about our upcoming collection that we are launching soon this Autumn. Without giving too much away, it will be one of our most unique and luxurious collections yet. It has been very exciting to see how everyone in the GLAS team has dedicated themselves to craft this beautiful collection, from the choice of highest-quality materials to the bolder designs that we know will make our customers feel confident and beautiful. 

We have also seen an increased interest in accessories for eyewear, such as chains. Eyewear chains were seen as something old-fashioned and dusty, but now they are becoming very fashionable. This year, GLAS have already launched several stylish chains that reimagine this forgotten necessity into a stylish collection of statement jewelry pieces that truly elevate the look of our glasses. We are excited to keep developing these products further in future collections. 

At GLAS we are so excited about continuing to work with Larizia. You’ll be seeing a lot of fun things from this collaboration in the future!

The big question. What is your favourite style from our buy?

At Larizia, we have a great handpicked collection of some of our favourite styles that really represent GLAS. Grace is one of our most iconic frames that has been with us from the start. The elegant round shape, classic design, and rose gold finish never go out of style. Another personal favourite is Mio Caramel – I have such fond memories of designing these oversized, retro-inspired clear frames with my mum. It’s still one of her go-tos and I love how they really let her confidence shine through.

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September 27, 2022 — Molly Hill