Are you craving stronger, healthier nails that are the envy of everyone around you? Look no further! We sat down with @iramshelton to discover the best nail care practices to achieve the perfect mani.


From nail-strengthening treatments that work wonders to protective barriers that revive weak nails, Iram swears by the game-changing OPI nail envy – a top-selling product that delivers maximum nail strength! But that's not all – pair it with the new OPI repair mode bond treatment, and you'll be saying hello to breakage-free, stronger-looking nails in no time.


And let's talk about common nail issues – like those annoying ridges and discolouration. Iram's got the solutions! With expert advice on using ridge-filling polishes and nail lacquers that leave your nails glowing, your manicure will scream "I just stepped out of a luxury salon!"


But wait, there's more! Discover the art of elevating your DIY manicure to professional levels. It all starts with the perfect canvas – shaping nails like a pro and tending to those cuticles. Oh, and don't forget to finish with a touch of cuticle oil for that oh-so-luxe look!


So, to discover the easiest way to achieve the perfect nails, keep reading.

What are the best nail care practices to promote stronger and healthier nails?


“To promote stronger healthier nails, you can try nail strengthening treatments. They contain a combination of protein & vitamins that help to replenish & restore lost moisture. Nail strengthening treatments also act as a protective barrier to the nail which is ideal if your nails are weak. My favourite nail strengthener is the OPI nail envy. It contains a blend of hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium which provide maximum strength to the nail.”

"It’s a top selling product for a reason! To maximise result you can pair this with the new OPI repair mode bond treatment. It’s a serum that helps to protect nails against breakage and promote a stronger look."

How can I prevent and treat common nail issues such as brittle nails, ridges, and discolouration?

“There are so many reasons as a why someone might have nail ridges so it’s something you should check with a GP. You can try quick methods like bugging, but I wouldn’t recommend buffing your nails regularly. It can be damaging if overdone. If you have nail ridges there are alternatives like using a ridge filling polish. I would recommend using nail lacquer that leaves a healthy glow instead like the OPI Nature Strong botanical base coat. It contains natural ingredients making it vegan and adds shine and protection to your natural nail. The polish is also lightly tinted so it will give you’re a healthy yet natural looking glow to your nail. Think of it like skincare but for your nails. When it comes to painting your nails, I would always recommend starting off with a base coat. You should always focus on the preparation of your nails as that is the basis for a longer lasting manicure.”

"Applying a base coat can also prevent nail polish from leaving your nails stained yellow & some base coats also contain ingredients which help to promote healthy, strong nails. If your nails are stained you can gently buff the top layer of the nail. This should remove the stain."

OPI Nature Strong botanical base coat

How do you elevate a DIY manicure and achieve professional-looking results?

“Always prepare the nails. The difference between doing your nails at home and going to the salon is usually the time spent on actually shaping the nails and pushing back the cuticles. If you have a perfect canvas to start with you’re guaranteed to end up with a professional looking finish. Take your time to prepare the nails and end your manicure with some cuticle oil.”

Are there any particular nail shapes that suit different finger shapes, and how do I achieve them without damaging my nails?

"Yes definitely. When it comes to nail shapes and lengths one size does not fit all. If you’re quite an active person who is always doing things with their hands I would recommend keeping your nails on the shorter side to prevent any breaks or trauma to the nail bed. Shorter nails are easier to maintain and often look more elegant in my opinion.

Depending on the size of your nail bed you will need to assess whether a square or round shape suits you. I personally think a soft square nail suits most people. All you have to do is file the top of the nail flat in one direction and then round off the corners. Super easy."

“If you prefer your nails on the longer side I would definitely recommend an almond shape for most as it’s much more feminine and can make the fingers appear longer. You would need to cut the sides of the nails to taper them inwards and then take a file and file to the centre ensuring both sides are even. I have a few videos on my Instagram.”

What are the latest nail trends and colours for the current season, and are there any innovative nail techniques | should be aware of?

“I just think pops of colour are going to be huge. Whether it’s pinks, blues, greens etc. I just think people are going to be wearing colour. It can work for both maximalists and both minimalists as if you prefer to wear neutral clothes you can always add the colour with you nails! My favourite blue right now is OPI shore is something. It’s just a colour that speaks to me. It reminds me of summer and looks gorgeous on sun kissed skin! & a more muted baby blue fav is Chanel muse. This colour is perfect for minimalists as it’s so subtle yet flattering.”

Any tips and tricks to prolong the life of gels?

“Using cuticle oil is a must and it should be applied at least twice a day along with hand cream. Regular use of sanitiser or hand washing can dry our skin out particularly in the colder months so it’s super important to keep them hydrated. Wearing gloves when cleaning/ washing/ gardening is also a must because we must protect our hands and nails from chemicals or manual work that can damage them.”

July 27, 2023 — Molly Hill