“I’m Interested In The Crossover Between Femininity and Masculinity.” 

We were first drawn to aeydē for their strong yet feminine design aesthetic and commitment to slow fashion, and according to aeydē, “the masculine and feminine underpins every element” of their designs. So for celebrating International Women's Day, we could think of no one better to speak to than the Founder and Creative Director of aeydē, Luisa Dames. 

Dames, previously Luisa Krogman, has a talent for designing transcendent footwear. Universally loved for understated elegance, the aeydē range of boots and shoes combine classic shapes with a touch of modern creativity. Think of a refined loafer in creamy soft leather, add a touch of snake print, and you have classic aeydē. 

The Berlin-based brand is far more committed to creating gorgeous timeless designs with a nod to the now than they are bothered with fast fashion. Dame has an innate understanding of what elevates a piece of footwear to wardrobe staple status. Fans have come to expect high-quality footwear, crafted in Italy using exquisite materials and it’s this “understated luxury” that has quickly elevated aeydē to not just a brand to keep an eye on, but one to treasure. 

We caught up with Founder and Creative Director Luisa Dames just ahead of International Women’s Day to discover more about her inspiration behind the brand and what gets her out of bed in the morning.

What is the first thing you do in the morning? 

I like to start my day by running. It helps me balance and focus on the meetings I have throughout the day. For years now, I've also been making time for a real breakfast to start the day.


What is your main source of inspiration when designing for aeydē?

Usually, inspiration can come from anywhere — it can be from a trip to a new place, a random person on the street, something I saw at a gallery or museum, or a conversation at a dinner party. I literally absorb everything and then develop the direction. I also think of architecture as a good point of reference to start with. In Berlin, you can find a lot of incredible architecture and buildings that have very clean lines and strong shapes that live through the materials. Similarly, for shoes and accessories, I’m drawn to a clear and structured vision or direction. I’m also interested in the crossover between femininity and masculinity.


If you could only keep one pair of shoes in your closet, what would they be?

I would probably choose between our iconic ankle boot LEANDRA or our sleek cowboy boot RUBY.



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March 04, 2022 — Shopify API