What inspired the launch of Loeffler Randall?

In the early 2000s, I was really having a hard time finding the shoes I wanted to wear - I was looking for the perfect toe shape and not too high heels, with a chic aesthetic. Shoes have always been my first love and I was a Designer so my husband and I decided to start our company out of our small apartment in Brooklyn. Now it’s been nearly 20 years!

Your team is predominantly women, is female empowerment a big part of your ethos?

As a female designer with a primarily female team, it comes naturally for us. We want to make pieces for the events in people's lives, big and small, when they want to feel like the most confident, best versions of themselves, which is quite empowering. Comfort is a big part of it - our shoes are beautiful but also wearable which is so important to us.

Everyone at Larizia is super excited to be working with you. What can we look forward to seeing from Loeffler Randall in the future?

We are excited too! Our next collection, Resort '23, is very event focused. You can expect to see a lot of "wow" heels and handbags for dinner parties, nights out, holiday events and winter weddings. We have these beautiful jewel tone satins and velvets, as well as diamanté, which makes for a fun palette for the season.

What would you say to aspiring designers and fashion lovers who look to follow in your footsteps?

I would say finding a community that can support you is very important. I have a group of friends who also have their own fashion/lifestyle brands of various sizes and it's so nice to meet up and talk about all of the little minutiae of running a company. It feels less scary when you have people in your corner who have done something before, and it's also satisfying to be able to help other people who might be in a different stage.

The big question. We know you have a lifelong love for shoes but do you prefer flats or heels?

Don't make me choose! It's so occasion-based. I'm usually in flats, sneakers, or chunky sandals during the day and then I love our fun, high platforms for evening.

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October 06, 2022 — Molly Hill