The Alexander McQueen oversized trainers are instantly recognisable, having been a must-have for sneaker freaks and shoe lovers alike since they launched in 2014. True to form, Alexander McQueen — now headed by Sarah Burton — was way ahead of the game with these chunky oversized trainers. Today this chunky sneaker is a fashion staple the world over thanks to its clean silhouette and timeless style.

If you're a real sneaker queen, then it's likely you'll want your iconic Alexander McQueen sneakers to look as pristine as the day you bought them when you step out. Naturally, they will get a little dirtier over time, but if cleaning them feels like a daunting task, we have just the guide for you.

Alexander McQueen Trainer Cleaning Guide

Step One — Start with a Protection Spray

If you're yet to take your Alexander McQueen trainers for their first outing, stop everything. Before you pop your feet in those sneaks, use a protection spray. We love this one by Jason Markk

Ensure you pick a spray that works for leather, as your Alexander McQueen trainers are crafted from premium leather with a luxurious soft leather lining. Check your shoes are clean and dry before using the spray, and follow the instructions carefully.

Step Two — Prep Correctly and Ensure You Have the Right Equipment

To clean your shoes like a true pro, ensure you have the correct equipment to hand:

1. A pair of shoe trees or shoe shapers to hold the shape of your trainers. If you don't own a pair, use thick, plain paper to stuff your trainers instead. It's important to do this so that your Alexander McQueen's hold their iconic shape whilst you're cleaning them.
2. A hard bristle brush.
3. A soft bristle brush.
4. A micro cloth or two (keep one dry).
5. Shoe cleaning solution or a mild, soapy detergent.

 Before you clean, place your shoe trees into your trainers and, crucially, remove your laces. You’ll also want to take out the insoles if you’re going to clean those too.

Step Three — Start with Midsoles and Uppers

Start with your midsoles and uppers; it's satisfying to clean these first because it will make the biggest difference, and your trainers will look amazing once they're done. Grab a bowl and add a small amount of water and a little cleaning solution. Again, there's no need to use much; you can always add more. Take your hard bristle brush and apply the cleaner in a circular motion. Voila, your trainers should look cleaner already. Finish up by cleaning any stitching and detail with a softer brush or a slightly damp micro cloth.

Step Four — Clean the Inside

If you've removed the insoles, use the softer brush with a little cleaning fluid to clean them, as well as the lining of your trainers and the tongue. Use the same round movements but be careful not to apply too much pressure to these parts of the trainer. You might need to spend a little time on these to get them really sparkling! Once everything is clean, dry everything with your micro cloth, use a sweeping movement on your insoles and pad dry on your inners. Make sure you air dry everything for at least one day before reinserting your insoles and putting your laces back.

Step Five — Show Your Laces Some Love

Your laces can bear a surprising amount of wear, so show them the same love by removing them from your McQueens and washing them separately. If they're not too dirty, leave them to soak in a small amount of solution or warm soapy water whilst you get to work on the rest of your trainers. For slightly dirtier laces, brush with the same solution and soft brush.

Step Six — Complete by Cleaning Your Soles

Your Alexander McQueen sneakers have thick rubber soles, so you can really go to town on these. Make sure you've knocked off any dirt beforehand, then use a little of the cleaning fluid and the hard brush and sweep off any remaining dirt.

Do's and Don'ts

DO — If cleaning your trainers sounds like too much of a chore, look for a professional cleaning store that accepts designer shoes. If you're unsure, contact their customer services for advice. Look at The Restory, who clean a range of specialist shoes, including luxury trainers.

DO — Leave plenty of time to allow your trainers to dry. Don't try to clean them right before you were hoping to wear them. Any leather accessories you own should ideally be allowed to air dry.

DON'T — Put your trainers in the washing machine unless you really have to. Even then, put them on a cold, gentle wash, remove the laces and place them in with some towels, so they're not knocked around during the cycle.

DON'T — And we mean, never ever, put your treads in the tumble drier. Heat and friction can damage the colours and detailing of your trainers and leave them out of shape.

Have your Alexander McQueen sneakers for women given up the ghost? 

February 25, 2022 — Shopify API