Q&A with Mariasole Cecchi

We sat down with the founder and creative director, Mariasole Cecchi, to find out what inspires her vintage aesthetics and how she turns these into contemporary and eye-catching designs.

Your designs are inspired by pop elegance and retro glam but what inspired you to launch Les Petits Joueurs? 
Ever since my childhood I was surrounded by a very creative and stimulating environment, but it’s when I decided to move to Paris in my early twenties, that my creative expression really took off. Les Petits Joueurs started by chance - I was bored of ordinary plain accessories, so one day I started gluing Lego bricks on top of an old bag I owned, playing with bold pop colors. People started stopping me in the streets and I slowly experimented with more color contrasts, building a small idea of a collection. A few years later I moved to Brazil which was where my designs started gaining attention, celebrities were wearing them and the press excitement was amazing. São Paulo was an incredible place, the tropical landscapes mixed together with parties, nightlife, freedom and beach life was a constant stream of color and inspiration for what LPJ is today.
Les Petits Joueurs is loved by leading influencers, celebrities and style icons including Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Eva Mendes, Dua Lipa and Jorja Smith. How does it feel to see them wearing your designs?
What a dream! Iit literally feels unreal to see such inspiring leading women appreciate and wear what I create, and it’s also a lovely message for my community. LPJ designs are made to make women feel fierce and unique, so my goal is to keep designing experimental pieces for women to have fun, be glamorous, edgy and feel at their best in LPJ!
As siblings, what has it been like to work together? 
My brother Andrea was actually the first one to believe in my project and my ideas. It has now been a journey of almost 10 years, and we started with absolutely nothing - we laughed a lot, cried and had our fights, but wow, it has been a dream come true. Having a business partner is like a rollercoaster, but this journey brought us closer together than ever.
What can we look forward to seeing from Les Petits Joueurs in the future?
2023 is an important year for us, as it marks LPJ’s 10th anniversary! I would love to celebrate by expanding the brand world in new directions, so stay tuned! 

If you had to pick one design favorite, what item would it be and why? 
Honestly, such a hard question! LPJ is such a fun world of vibrant accessories for any occasion, but at the moment my to-go favorites are the Cindy Baguette, the ultra ‘90s mini bag - and the Luna & Lucas heels. I am in love with the half-moon wedge design, which adds comfort to an unconventional and futuristic shape, perfect for any occasion.
November 08, 2022 — Molly Hill